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Treatment Foster Care Program

Target Population: 
  • Children of all genders, races, and social -economic backgrounds 
  • From Ages 0 through 18 years of age; and up to 21 years if diagnosed as developmentally disabled    
  • Adjudicated delinquent/ unruly; abused, neglected, or adjudicated dependent   
  • Individual or sibling groups in need of healthy temporary placement  
  • Presenting with behavioral, developmental, emotional, and/or severepsychological problems
  • Persistent school problems:-truancy, drop-outs, iand needing GED or individual living arrangement
  • Defiant, oppositional, conduct disorder, and cutting/suidality 
  • sexuailized behaviors, including poor boundaries, sexually inappropriateness in social settings

Program Format:
Foster parents receive 36 hours of pre-palcement training prior to becoming licensed. After licensure foster parents receive monthly ongoing training through the agency and also in the community. Licensed foster parents are required to maintain 30 hours of training annually. 
Caregiver's Helper, Inc. foster parents also receive adequate support during matching process. Matching is done to ascertain whether or not the potential placement would be a good fit for that foster home. Due to Caregiver's Helper, Inc'. commitment to placement success and informed consent, matching conferences/meetings are frequently held.  Caregiver's Helper, Inc. believes that every child has a right to have his/her basic needs met and to be free from abuse and neglect.

Independent Living Skills:

  • Caregiver's Helper, Inc. offers weekly independent living skills classes to children who are between the ages of 16 to 18 years to prepare the children for successful transition into society from foster care. 

    Other Groups/Classes:
  • Caregiver's Helper, Inc. also provides weekly social skills development groups to middle and high school age children, to enhance communication-interaction and social skills.  In addition, all Caregiver's helepr, Inc. foster parents are required to model and provide age-appropriate hands-on daily life skills training to the children in their care.
     **Some of the topics addressed are: budget and money management, personal hygiene, cooking, laundry, housekeeping, employment and job retention skills, and interpersonal relationships.

    Tutoring Classes:
    Bi-weekly tutorial classes are offered to children and youth who have callenges in specific academic areas, to ensure our children are able to graduate to the next grade. The tutorial services key objective is to promote educational success for children in foster care.

    Training and Education:
    Those interested in becoming foster or respite care parents must at least be 21 years old. The first step is to contact our agency at (614)418-9123 to get additional information and application packet. Prospective applicants must complete an application and begin the screening process, in other to be allowed to partiipate in pre-palcement class. Aplicants must have be willing to undergo background screening, including medical, BCII & FBI. As stated previously, applicants must  also complete 36 hours of pre-placement training, which is offered in-house. 


  • Caregiver's Helper, Inc. employees are all credentialed and ethically minded. Moreover, Caregiver's Helper, Inc. workers consistently demonstrates respect, high standards of professionalism,and care for all clients. Our workers are flexible, supportive, and accessible to families 24/7 for crisis management and placement requests. Case managers provide bi-weekly school and home visits, and maintains ongoing contacts with families.
  • Caregiver's helper,Inc  commits to working responsibly with birth families and also ensures that the children in the agency's care, are able to  maintain contact with their families as set forth by the respective custodial agencies.     
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