Caregivers Helper, Inc. 
Improving the Lives of Families Through God
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Caregivers Helper's
Mission Statement

Caregiver's Helper's Inc. is a therapeutic foster care agency located in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2005, Caregiver's Helper,Inc' objective is to help children and youth to deal effectively with the devasting effects of child maltreatment. Caregiver's Helper, Inc. is ataffed by appropriately credentialed professionals who possess depth and knowledge in child welfare issues.  Caregver's Helper, Inc. believes that every child has an inalienable right to be loved, cared for, and be raised in a non-abusive/neglectful home.  Caregiver's Helper, Inc. offers foster parenst 24/7 access to case managers and administration, to promote adequate support for families, children, and treatment team members. 

Caregiver's Helper,Inc' mission is to build more successful and stronger communities,through provision of need-specific individualized services and placement of children in healthy/nurturing homes. Caregiver's Helper, Inc. also provides regularly scheduled acess for children to bond with own family of origin. Through ongoing parent education classes, Caregiver's Helper, Inc. contributes to reduction of potential revictimization of children, and advocacy activities for prevention of future abuse and child maltreatment. 
Specifically, Caregiver's Helper, Inc performs the follwing functions:

  • Recruit, screen, train and recommend for license appropriate homes for fostering
  • Recruit, screen, and hire appropriate staff to supervise the homes
  • Receive placement requests for children from 0 and up to 18 years of age and place children in the right homes
  • Provide adequate support to our foster families to prevent placement disruption and other related stress
  • Provide daily hands on independent living skills training to youth in group care facility, to ensure a productive life in the community
  • Ensure foster homes are monitored and supervised
  • Advocate and represent the best interest of children at all times
  • Advocate and represent foster families interest as needed






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